Why cross train employees?

It is my belief that there should be at least two or more people in the work place that can fill in or replace an employee who is absent due to sickness, vacation, jury duty, etc.  We have seen many times when a customer walks in to a place of business only to be told that the person that does that particular job is not here and you will have to come back.  Most customers will not come back, they will just go somewhere else.

The benefits of cross training employees are:

  • An opportunity to learn new skills
  • Improved communications through better understanding of each other’s roles
  • Improved knowledge and marketability of each employee who is cross trained
  • Greater understanding of the company, business, or organization as a whole
  • Relief possibilities are expanded for sick leave, maternity leave, study and travel leave times

Cross training ensures that your customers will always be taken care of when they step into your business and you will not see those profits go somewhere else.

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