Never replace Metal Tubing with Flexible Hose or Soft Tubing

I keep being reminded that hose distributors and fabricators have a tendency to replace metal tubing with flexible hoses such as hydraulic or rubber in order to quickly return the equipment to service and make a buck.  I strongly recommend that you DO NOT DO THIS!

The reason designers or engineers incorporate rigid fluidlines into their systems is to accommodate certain temperature requirements and placement requirements (rigid lines stay, flexible lines do not).  As hose ages, it has a potential to contaminate unlike the rigid line.  Also, space needs to be a major consideration.  The wall thickness of hose is several times that of rigid or metal lines.  This offers the potential of rubbing or chaffing on structural members of the machine or the equipment on which the hose is installed.

Another disadvantage of replacing high pressure tubing with hose is that the hose tends to straighten under pressure. This causes possible contact with potentially dangerous environments such as manifolds or exhaust systems.

I understand that several foreign countries have banned the replacement of  any rigid fluildline assemblies with flexible ones.

There is a high risk involved in a fabricator or hose assembler actually changing the design parameters of the original system.  Obviously, a failure of this nature could be quite critical under legal review.  My recommendation is that you NEVER under any condition change the original design of a machine or piece of equipment by replacing  rigid plumbing with flexible.  Be safe, just don’t do it.

With your Tubes n’ Hoses system, you have the ability to do it right.

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