Do you know your Customers?

Do you know your customers?


The better you know your customers and their wants and needs as they relate to your products or services, the better for your business.  Only when you understand their wants and needs can you fulfill them more effectively than your competitors.  As a small company I cannot afford an expensive market research study.  My goal is to provide one-stop shopping for my customers, so they do not have to go to several places to get what they need.  If a customer comes in and I do not have what they need on my shelf, I offer to find it for them, and if it appears that it could be a good item to add to the inventory, we purchase several to add to the inventory.  We only do this for items that relate to our business.  My business just turned 15, and we have continued growth every year using this method.  Remember,  you cannot sell from an empty shelf.

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